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Big Bog State Recreation Area / Red Lake Peatland
The Big Bog Recreation Area, located in Beltrami County, is a multi-purpose unit of Minnesota’s outdoor recreation system which provides camping and access to Upper Red Lake, as well as access to the Red Lake Peatland, also known as “The Big Bog”, which is the largest protected peatland in Minnes...
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Orr Bog Walk & Kabetogama State Forest
Description: Located in the town of Orr in St. Louis County, a trail and a boardwalk along the Pelican River provide access into a northern peatland bog and end with a view of Pelican Lake.

The surrounding Kabetogama State Forest provides remote settings where many boreal birds and mammals can be seen.

Wildlife to Watch: Birds associated with boreal forest such as yellow-bellied flycatcher, black-backed woodpecker, boreal chickadee, gray jay and great gray owl, bay-breasted warbler, olive-sided flycatcher, Cape May warbler, northern hawk owl, northern goshawk, and sharp-shinned hawks.

Waterfowl and waterbirds at Pelican Lake including white pelican, double-crested cormorant and bald eagle to name a few. Red-necked grebe might be seen along the Pelican River as well.

Moose and wolf are rare, but present.

Special Tips: Late May- June best for migrating songbirds; May-September for nesting forest birds, waterbirds and waterfowl; Winter (in some invasion years: when many northern owl disperse south) for northern owls: great gray owl, northern hawk owl and boreal owl.

Ownership: Federal, State & Orr 
Size: N/A 
Closest Town: Orr

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White Pelicans - photo by USFWS
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Orr Bog Walk & Kabetogama State Forest : Wildlife Viewing Area