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Moose Willow WMA
This wildlife management area in northern Aitkin County offers diverse upland and lowland habitats.<br><br>Expansive areas of marsh with emergent vegetation and shrub swamp intersperse with cedar swamp and lowland brush. Scattered within this wetland complex are islands of aspen and northern hard...
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Sax - Zim Bog
Description: This area of a dozen townships in St. Louis County crisscrossed by several county and township roads, includes a mixture of state, county, private land.

The extensive areas of sedge and hay meadows interspersed with brush and shrub land, peatland forest and upland woodland make for some excellent birding.

Wildlife to Watch: This area is best known for its northern owls, winter finches and rough-legged hawk in the winter. In the spring and summer, it is a good area to look for birds associated with open habitat such as yellow rail, sandhill crane, LeConte’s sparrow and sharp-tailed grouse.

Peatlands and lowland conifer forest harbor many boreal birds such as Connecticut warbler, boreal chickadee, gray jay, magnolia warbler, Canada warbler, Palm Warbler and Cape May Warbler.

Occasionally other rare wildlife can be spotted including timber wolf, black bear, moose, beaver and pine marten.

Special Tips: Come in Winter for northern owls and winter finches; Spring-early summer for migrating songbirds.

Other Activities: Canoeing on the St Louis River will also yield wildlife watching opportunities.

Ownership: Varied- private, county and state 
Size: Approximately 200 sq. miles 
Closest Town: Cotton

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Pine Grosbeak - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
From the Twin Cities, take I-35 north to Hwy 33 into Cloquet, and then north on Hwy. 53 – From Duluth take HWY 53 North. At Cotton turn West on County Road 52. This will take you into the heart of the Sax Zim Bog.

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Sax - Zim Bog : Wildlife Viewing Area