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Betty's Kitchen
The Betty’s Kitchen National Recreation Trail winds through dense riparian vegetation past a fishing pier and over a rugged metal bridge. The site is next to historic Laguna Dam, the first dam built on the Colorado River.
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Mittry Lake Wildlife Area
Description: Mittry Lake is a 400-acre oxbow of the Little Colorado River, with a well-developed wetland and marsh habitat adjacent to harsh desert conditions. Wonderful views of three surrounding mountain ranges combine with excellent waterfowl and wildlife viewing. In winter, up to 10,000 waterfowl may be present. This is one of the most accessible settings for wildlife viewing in the Colorado River floodplain.

Wildlife to Watch: A variety of birds like the yellow-billed cuckoo, summer tanager, and willow flycatcher may use the area. Yuma clapper rail nest on site. Surveys have revealed California black rail and Virginia rail nesting along the shore. The marsh also supports nesting populations of marsh wren, American coot, common moorhen, least bittern, and pied-billed grebe.

Winter users include many duck species, sora, American white pelican, double-crested cormorant and northern harrier. During migration, thousands of swallows are sometimes observed coming to roost for the night in the marsh vegetation. Resident bird species include black-crowned night-heron, great blue heron, snowy egret, osprey, and many others. Mammals include mule deer, javelina, and bobcat. Tiger whiptail, desert spiny lizard, common side-blotched lizard, ornate tree lizard, common kingsnake, western diamond-backed rattlesnake, and a variety of other reptiles can be viewed in the area.

Special Tips: Watch for wild burros along the paved roads. Designated seasonal closure areas provide sanctuary for migrating waterfowl

Other Activities: Trails are unmarked and unmaintained, but walking and hiking areas are accessed from the parking area, designated roads, or by watercraft.

Ownership: Arizona Game & Fish Department 
Size: 3575 acres 
Closest Town: Yuma

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Mittry Lake - photo by George Andrejko
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Driving Directions:
From Yuma, take Hwy. 95 north. Turn north onto Avenue 7E and travel approximately 9 miles to the lake. You will pass Laguna Dam to get to the lake. Or, take Hwy. 95 north to the Imperial Dam Road; turn left (west) on Imperial Dam Road. Pass the Yuma Proving Grounds Headquarters, cross the Gila Gravity Main Canal, and turn left onto the canal road. Follow the wildlife area signs.

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Mittry Lake Wildlife Area : Wildlife Viewing Area