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Arlington Wildlife Area
The Arlington Wildlife Area is made up of open ponds, approximately 4 miles of river channel along the west bank of the Gila River, marshlands, and stands of high quality riparian habitat containing willows. Recently refurbished, the three ponds at the northwest corner of the wildlife area of...
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Robbins Butte Wildlife Area
Description: The Gila River corridor features diverse habitats that draw large populations of resident and migratory wildlife to this area. From the top of Robbins Butte, one can see a broad overview of the river corridor and adjacent desert regions. Ruins and petroglyphs document the importance of this area to human habitation and farming for the last 500 years. Today, Robbins Butte is managed with modern fields to grow crops for wildlife, with a diverse mix of native habitats to encourage wildlife and wildlife-oriented recreation.

Wildlife to Watch: Mourning and white-winged doves, Gambel’s quail, coyote, desert cottontail and black-tailed jackrabbit are abundant, along with javelina, mule deer, and bobcat. Resident songbirds include black and Say’s phoebes, ash-throated flycatcher, loggerhead shrike, phainopepla, verdin, cactus, rock and canyon wrens, black-tailed gnatcatcher, crissal thrasher, Abert’s towhee, and black-throated sparrow. Bird diversity and abundance increase dramatically during the winter, with the local Gila River Christmas Bird Count regularly exceeding 140 species, with over 45,000 individuals often compiled. The most abundant species during this time are sparrows (15-20 species) and blackbirds. Birds of prey are also common during the fall and winter, particularly near agricultural fields. These include northern harrier, prairie falcon, and red-tailed, ferruginous, Cooper’s, and sharp-shinned hawks. White-tailed kites are occasionally observed, and osprey and bald eagles are regularly seen foraging over the nearby Gila River and canals. Gila monsters and a wide variety of reptiles, including Sonoran Desert toad, Couch’s spadefoot, desert spiny lizard, desert horned lizard, sidewinder, speckled and diamond-backed rattlesnakes, long-nosed snakes, and common kingsnakes are frequently encountered in season.

Special Tips: Several species of rattlesnakes can be found in and around Robbins Butte Wildlife Area. Warm weather visitors should take appropriate precautions when hiking or recreating in the wildlife area and adjacent areas. Though snake encounters are not uncommon, bites from these animals are rare.

Ownership: Arizona Game & Fish Department 
Size: 3,000 acres 
Closest Town: Buckeye

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Gila Monster - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
Exit I-10 at exit 112, go south on SR 85 for 6 miles. Exit State Hwy. 85 to west at milepost 147, the entrance to the wildlife area.

For more information call 480-324-3552.

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Robbins Butte Wildlife Area : Wildlife Viewing Area